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Comparison of payment systems (also known as comparison of payment processing servicescomparison of payment processors, or comparison of merchant services) is a list displaying comparative information and fee rates on various payment systems (also payment processing services, payment processor, or merchant services). Information such as these are compared and shown: seller’s/merchant’s fees, buyer’s fees, banking transfer fees, clearing-house fees, interchange fees, chargeback/return fees, currency conversion fees, monthly fees, usage, verification time, deposit time, technology support, customer-service quality, etc.

There are too many payment systems and services providers (see List of online payment service providers) to list in detail or in brief all on the same page. This article will focus mainly on the payment/merchant systems and services that are the most popular among majority of sellers and buyers, have comparatively lowest fee rate or free options, and which have comparatively most features for sellers/merchants and buyers, lowest cost or free payment receiving (card readers, Payment terminal (PTà, Point of sale (POS) & printing equipments, and which have good or better track record, (good or better) customer service quality, etc according to BBB and similar credible rating services.

Displayed fees and rates can change anytime. Displayed fee-data and rate info may not be actual fee or rate in use currently right now. Fee-rates also vary, based on volumes/quantities of sale, for different seller/business, i.e. sellers/merchants can negotiate with payment-system or merchant-service provider to obtain a comparatively lower & better rate, when their selling volume is comparatively very high. When this page is edited by Wikipedia editors, then they will usually add at-that-moment minimum-fee or flat-rate info, for the section which they are editing. Visit payment-system’s referenced linked webpage (shown at bottom-side), for payment service provider’s current information.


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