Cirrus interbank network (Ofer Abarbanel online library)

Cirrus (stylized as cirrus) is a worldwide ATM network. It is a subsidiary of Mastercard and based in Purchase, New York. Founded in 1982, it links Mastercard and Maestro credit, debit and prepaid cards and Cirrus ATM cards to a global network of millions of ATMs.[1]

Prior to its acquisition by Mastercard in 1987, Cirrus System, LLC was owned by Bank of Montreal, BayBanks Inc., First Interstate Bancorp, Mellon Bank, NBD Bancorp Inc. and Norwest Corp.[2]

By default, Mastercard and Maestro cards are linked to the Cirrus network, but very often all three logotypes will be shown. Canadian, American, Venezuelan, Chilean and Saudi Arabian ATMs use this network alongside their local networks and many banks have adopted Cirrus as their international interbank network alongside either a local network, the rival Plus ATM network owned by Visa, or both. In countries such as India and Bangladesh, the Cirrus network also serves as a local interbank network as well as an international network.


The very first logo, advertised from 1982 until 1992, was then changed to match the ones representing the other subsidiaries of Mastercard, which acquired Cirrus in 1987. The only exception is the colour pattern change. This can also be noticed through the re-branding in 2016, since all logos of Mastercard, Maestro and Cirrus have been equally modified.


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Ofer Abarbanel online library

Ofer Abarbanel online library

Ofer Abarbanel online library