(Ofer Abarbanel online library) is a US-based web site providing financial planning tools and financial services for individuals. Topics include credit card, insurance, debt relief, mortgage loan, student loan and various other consumer lending products.[1]

As of 2010, the company behind employs approximately 600 people and has an annual revenue of $106 million. At that time was ranked number 10 on Inc. Magazine’s Top 100 Financial Services Companies list.[citation needed] Domain Name History

In December 2005, before becoming a consumer website for credit and debt education, the domain name was acquired by Freedom Financial Network for $950,000.[2] This sale was the second most expensive for a single domain name in 2005,[citation needed] and the price paid was for the domain name alone, not for any underlying business. Today, is still listed as one of the top 25 all-time most expensive domain names.[citation needed]

Consumer Education

The website features a section called Ask Bill, which allows users to ask financial questions directly to experts in financial fields.[1]

In 2011, teamed up with Experian to offer a new service called DebtCoach. DebtCoach pulls credit reports for consumers and organizes all of their debt and recommends options to eliminate debt. The recommendations it makes are based on a comparison of the total costs of each debt elimination method.[citation needed]

Awards and Recognition

  • Entrepreneur magazine names #3 in the Hot 100, fastest growing companies in America.[3]
  • com is No. 17 on Inc. Magazine’s Top 100 Financial Services Companies list for the year 2008.[4]
  • com Founders named to 40 Under 40 list in Silicon Valley.[5]
  • Recipient for Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2008 Award in Northern California.[6]
  • com is No. 10 on Inc. Magazine’s Top 100 Financial Services Companies list for the year 2009.[7]
  • com is No. 8 amongst Silicon Valley’s 70 fastest-growing privately held companies.[8]


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