Digital strategy (Ofer Abarbanel online library)

Digital Strategy is a plan that uses digital resources to achieve one or more objectives. With Technology|technology changing at a very fast pace, Institutions have many digital resources to choose from based on what their overall goal is. Typically a plan that helps businesses, institutions and brands etc transform its course of action ,Operations|operations and activities etc into digital nature to market their products, Continue reading “Digital strategy (Ofer Abarbanel online library)”

Dimensional fact model (Ofer Abarbanel online library)

The dimensional fact model (DFM)[1] is an ad hoc and graphical formalism specifically devised to support the conceptual modeling phase in a DW project. DFM is extremely intuitive and can be used by analysts and non-technical users as well. A short-term working is sufficient to realize a clear and exhaustive representation of multidimensional concepts (e.g., attributes, measures and hierarchies). It can be used from the initial DW life-cycle steps, to rapidly devise a conceptual model to share with customers. Continue reading “Dimensional fact model (Ofer Abarbanel online library)”

Early-arriving fact (Ofer Abarbanel online library)

In the Data Warehouse practice of ETL, an early fact or early-arriving fact [1] denotes the detection of a dimensional natural key during fact table source loading, prior to the assignment of a corresponding primary key or surrogate key in the dimension table. Hence, the fact which cites the dimension arrives early, relative to the definition of the dimension value. Continue reading “Early-arriving fact (Ofer Abarbanel online library)”

Financial intelligence (Ofer Abarbanel online library)

Financial intelligence is a type of business intelligence constituted of the knowledge and skills gained from understanding finance and accounting principles in the business world and understanding how money is being used . Although a fairly new term, financial intelligence has its roots in organizational development research,[1] mostly in the field of employee participation. Continue reading “Financial intelligence (Ofer Abarbanel online library)”

Craig Fleisher (Ofer Abarbanel online library)

Craig S. Fleisher is a scholar, advisor and author who has written or edited several books on public affairs, business, and competitive intelligence and analysis.[1] Before becoming Dean of the Business School at the College of Coastal Georgia, he was awarded two endowed research chair positions while a Professor of Business (Strategy & Environment) at the Odette School of Business, University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Continue reading “Craig Fleisher (Ofer Abarbanel online library)”

FOCUS (Ofer Abarbanel online library)

FOCUS is a fourth-generation programming language (4GL) computer programming language and development environment that is used to build database queries. Produced by Information Builders Inc., it was originally developed for data handling and analysis on the IBM mainframe. Subsequently versions for minicomputers and such as the VAX and other platforms[1] were implemented.[2][3] FOCUS was later extended to personal computers and (in 1997) to the World Wide Web: the WebFOCUS product. Continue reading “FOCUS (Ofer Abarbanel online library)”

Focus group (Ofer Abarbanel online library)

focus group is a small, but demographically diverse group of people and whose reactions are studied especially in market research or political analysis in guided or open discussions about a new product or something else to determine the reactions that can be expected from a larger population.[1][2][3] The use of focus groups is a research method that is intended to collect data, through interactive and directed discussions by a researcher.[4] Continue reading “Focus group (Ofer Abarbanel online library)”

Fuld-Gilad-Herring Academy of Competitive Intelligence (Ofer Abarbanel online library)

The Fuld-Gilad-Herring Academy of Competitive Intelligence is an educational organization bringing professional training to the field of competitive intelligence (CI).[1] Established in 1996, the Academy has expanded its training to thousands of managers from 58 countries and six continents at its campuses in Cambridge, MA and Brussels, Belgium. The Academy is the only CI-dedicated institution to be externally accredited by the International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET). Continue reading “Fuld-Gilad-Herring Academy of Competitive Intelligence (Ofer Abarbanel online library)”

Funnel analysis (Ofer Abarbanel online library)

Funnel analysis involves mapping and analyzing a series of events that lead towards a defined goal, like an advertisement-to-purchase journey in online advertising, or the flow that starts with user engagement in a mobile app and ends in a sale on an eCommerce platform. Funnel analyses “are an effective way to calculate conversion rates on specific user behaviors”.[1] This can be in the form of a sale, registration, or other intended action from an audience. Continue reading “Funnel analysis (Ofer Abarbanel online library)”